Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Good Question 9

Quiz Night Tuesday is back now that the Easter holidays are finished.

And tonight's challenge is; how many species of bird can you identify and name in this picture taken at RSPB Burton Mere. If you click on the picture is does go bigger.

Good luck, I will post my thoughts tomorrow evening.


The birds I can see are Avocet, Black Headed Gull and Common Gull. 


  1. Herring Gull, Common Gull, Black-headed Gull, Avocet.
    although I bet there's a Med Gull in there somewhere!

  2. Hi Finn
    Looks three to me unless I need to go to specsavers to spot a sneaky Ringed Plover on the gravel...
    B H gulls
    Common Gulls

  3. Avocet, Black Headed Gull and Common Gull :) no #keslins

  4. Living in a landlocked area, about as far as it is possible to be from the coast in this country, I'll leave it to the experts Findlay ;-)

  5. My gull ID isn't brilliant Findlay although you do have plenty of Black-headed Gulls in the photo.
    I am so jealous to see the Avocet though as I have yet to see one in Cheshire.