Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Good Question 11

It's Tuesday Night Quiz Night

And today's question is:

Spring has been a bit strange and very cold this year, but do you know what is this years estimated total number of feathery Spring arrivals and can you name the top four?

Good Luck

I wont be posting the answer until Thursday as I am going to watch Springwatch Unsprung live tomorrow night, which is just a little bit exciting.

And the answer is:

According to the BTO "the estimated total of Spring arrivals is 16 million birds, with Willow Warbler as the most numerous, followed by Chiffchaff, Blackcap and Whitethroat.


  1. Not sure of the totals, but top 4 I'd hazard a guess at Spotted Flycatcher, Blackcap, Garden Warbler, Goldcrest; based on what I'm seeing locally.
    Top man for being at Unsprung tomorrow. I bet you'll have a great time. I'll be watching on internet.

  2. I couldn't even begin to put a number of spring arrivals, as for the top four I've written this list five times and keep thinking of another species....so top 4 migrants would be in no particular order 1)Terns (I'm cheating and not seperating the species)2)Swallows/Swifts/Housemartins/Sandmartins (again a cheat of sorts)3)Willow Warblers 4)Reed Warbler

  3. Willow warbler, whitethroat blackcap and guillemot but some of them might winter in British waters so I'll go for swallow as well



  4. That's a tough one Findlay!...I've no idea about the numbers..but sadly, not as many of some species as there once was!
    The top four?....Swifts/Swallows/Martins - Warblers - Waders - Seabirds. (how's that for hedging my bets??)

    How lucky are you?... a visit to 'Springwatch', you must be so excited? I hope you have a good evening, and don't forget to give us a wave!...[;o)

  5. Hey we saw you on Sprngwatch! Lucky you!