Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Good Question 16 - Swans

It's Quiz Night Tuesday

A nice easy one for you tonight, name the species of Swan

I have switched on the comments approving thing, so you can't copy. I think most of you will get this one right!

Good luck, I'll post the answer tomorrow night after tea.

And the answer is:

Bewicks on the left and Whooper on the right.

Well done. lots of right answers and yes I did try and trick you a bit!


  1. i'm not gonna google - just gonna guess. trumpeter?

  2. Is this a trick question as the one on the left of the frame is Bewick but the one on the right looks like Whooper

  3. Are you trying to hoodwink us here Findlay? I reckon there's one of each here Bewick's and Whooper!...[;o)

  4. Left Bewick's Swan, right Whooper Swan taken in the wildfowl display side of Martin Mere I'd hazard a guess. My mate Jonny got all three species in one frame :-)
    Are you going to do the Foot-it challenge next month, think I'll have a go at it, I've signed up just in case.



  5. Bewick swan on the left and a Whopper swan on the right

  6. I do love the swan photo. So peaceful and cute. I am sure I would have guessed wrong. We have trumpeters and tundra here. I guess nature is the one thing we can count on to confuse us. cheers Nora.