Friday, 20 December 2013

Wilde About Badgers, especially red ones!

When I was at Grandma's in the Summer I spent a lot of evenings watching her badgers, especially the lovely erythristic (red) one. I found all my videos of it today and thought I would share this one with you. A little bit of pushing and shoving - just like me and Harley sometimes:

I hope you enjoy it. If you can't see it Douglas the You Tube link it here:


  1. wow! marvelous to see them! glad they survived the cull, too.

    laughed at the comparison to you and your brother. :)

  2. Findlay, it's one thing pushing and shoving at mealtimes, I just hope that you and Harley are a little better behaved than these two and don't sit in your food while you're doing it?...[;o)

    Best wishes to you, Harley and your mum and dad for a very happy Christmas and a great new year.

  3. Weirdly the video worked on here for me a change, something about updating adobe flashplayer has worked, why is the badger "red", is it soil related or age?
    I hope you and Harley get some great presents and don't forget to give you mum a helping hand with the washing up after the xmas dinner, have a nice xmas and new year

  4. Great to watch that video Findlay. Never seen a Badger that colour before.

    Hope your gran is much better now, and all the best to you, Harley and your mum and dad.

  5. I really chuckled at that lovely video, Findlay! I'd never heard of erythristic badgers, and must now do a bit of research.

    BTW, the first time I tried to watch the video it didn't work, but now it does. I suspect that you've got so many people trying to watch it at the same time that the system can't cope!!!... [;o)

    Wishing you, and all the family, a great Christmas, and all the best for 2014. I shall be looking forward to your posts in the New Year.


  6. fantastic from a grandma