Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Good Question 25 - Mystery Bird

Good evening and welcome back to Quiz night Tuesday.

With Spring just around the corner, I was looking though some old pictures of some of the birds I look forward to welcoming back. I came across these pictures, but can you ID the bird.

Good luck, I will post the answer tomorrow night and where I saw the bird. 

I wont post any of your answers until tomorrow.

And the answer is:

A  leucistic Sand Martin. 

Well done to all of you who got it right, and most of you were nearly there. 
Douglas, I am letting you have that one tonight because I am taking your first answer :)

The bird was with a group of Sand Martins at Frodsham Marsh in 2013, but we never saw it last year. 


  1. Initially I was thinking Sandmartins, but then remembered I never get these questions right, lecustic house martin, maybe.

  2. Thats the strangest looking Sand Martin Fin....

  3. Great photo Findlay,

    Looks to me like a leucistic Sand Martin (Riparia riparia).

    Great pre-packed snack for Eurasian Hobbies (Falco subbuteo)! :-)

    Best regards,


  4. Scott on Twitter said Crag Martin

  5. Simon Raper on Twitter said leucistic sand martin