Sunday, 19 March 2017

Final Call - Don't Let the Shadows Win

As I sit down to write this blog post, 689 people have signed up to the "Don't Let The Shadows Win" thunderclap and it has a social reach of 2,452,898. So basically, even if no-one else were to sign, on Tuesday 21st March at 11am, a tweet will go out from each of the 689 people that have signed up and that tweet could be seen by all their followers and the followers of anyone else who retweets it, and that is why a thunderclap can be so powerful for awareness raising. 

So I guess this blog is really a last call and a checklist to try and do everything possible to get #HenHarriers to trend on social media on Tuesday and reach out to people who may not be aware of the unacceptable persecution being faced by raptors in the UK.

So here is how you could help in the run up to 11am on Tuesday:
  • Sign the thunderclap if you haven't signed it yet.
  • If you have signed, have you signed the Thunderclap using all your Twitter and Facebook accounts or just one of them? Please could you sign them all up.
  • Are you able to email the thunderclap link to you address book contacts and encourage them to sign up? This is the link 
  • Could you put a link on any blogs you post before 11am on Tuesday?
  • A tricky one next, but could you get your MP to sign up? You never know!
  • Could you share the thunderclap link on your social media accounts, again here is the link
  • Could you ask just one other person to sign up.
And here is what you can do to help on Tuesday as the thunderclap goes out to create a twitter storm and get #HenHarriers in to everyones social media feeds:
  • From about 10:45am to 12:00 please include #HenHarriers in every tweet or Facebook post you do. If you are not going to be able to tweet live on the day, could you schedule a tweet to go out? The more tweets that go out, the more chance we have of getting #HenHarriers trending and talked about.
  • Put a reminder into you phone so you don't forget to join in.
  • You could tweet about what hen harriers mean to you and about how you feel about what is happening to them.
  • Tweet pictures you have of #HenHarriers
  • Tweet links to blog posts that have information about hen harriers, there are some fantastic blogs out there including the ones from Mark Avery, Raptor Persecution UK and of course the RSPB's Life Project.
But however you choose to do it, please get involved and help speak up for #HenHarriers.

Thank you

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