Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Hen Harriers - Only 3 Successful Breeding Pairs

The RSPB Skydancer team today announced the number of breeding hen harrier pairs in England this year.  Last year there were just 4 breeding pairs, and Finn was the offspring of one of them.

I did not expect the numbers to be great this year, but I had hoped to see a small increase. However, only 3 pairs of hen harrier have successfully bred in England this year. 

Just 3 pairs! 

It's sickening isn't it.

The habitat is there for them, the food is there for them. Other ground nesting birds do well in the uplands.  The uplands are lacking natural balance; the legal and illegal persecution of red grouse predators goes on. Although technically a wild bird, the intensive rearing of red grouse in the uplands devastates the other native species. 

Please don't just sit and think how awful it is and do nothing. Please speak out against the on going persecution taking place in the uplands. Please make sure that future generations get to witness the spectacle of a sky dance.

The cycle of death in the uplands has gone on too long. Hen harriers, peregrines, buzzards, foxes, mountain hairs are just a handful of the species killed and culled (legally and illegally) to boost unnatural numbers of red grouse that will then be shot. How can anyone fail to have a problem with that.  

So please join the 1675 people that have already signed the #Inglorious12th thunderclap which will go out across social media on 12th August and raise mass awareness about the persecution that continues in the uplands, our uplands.

Your natural inheritance is being stolen from you so please CLICK HERE and help spread the word that what is happening is wrong. 


  1. It's so sad and unjust that so many people are escaping punishment for the persecution of these marvellous birds.

    Thank you so much for speaking out Findlay. You are a conservation hero.

  2. Hari Om
    Findlay, this is so important! I am unable to shout out through the media provided over at Thunderclap - but I shall write a post over at Wild YAM bloggy for next Monday and point folks towards it (which means it will go up on G+ also). Here in Scotland, we have trouble with raptors being trapped and/or poisoned. It's sickening. Bravo for being the voice of the birds!!! YAM xx

  3. Hello, that is sad news for the Hen Harriers. Thank you for speaking up and passing on the word.

  4. The news just doesn't get any better does it. I'll be joining in with the thunderclap Findlay and trying to raise awareness as the inglorious 12th approaches.

  5. You are doing a grand job Findlay I've already signed up, I look forward to the day all gamekeepers are out of work , but I fear that will never happen, definitly not in my lifetime anyway.
    All the best, Gordon.

  6. Well said Findlay. The situation is a Nationaal Scandal and a disgrace. I undertsnd that a case of shooting a raptor at the nest is about to make the headlines. Let's hope that justice is served.

    I have signed the petition.

  7. I do hope there will be many more in the future! Almost losing a type of bird (or animal) is so frightening. I'm proud of all you do to help them!

  8. Oh Findlay I am so sorry; I hope the action on the 12th helps. I hate hunting ....

  9. I wish I had seen at least one :(

  10. I'm glad for your blog visit but sorry to hear about these statistics. Sad.