Thursday, 29 March 2018

Why So Quiet!

It has been far too long since I posted a blog on here, but this was always going to be a difficult time to keep it going as I am in the middle of revising for my GCSEs.

I have still found time to do some writing for other blogs though, so I thought I would post the links on here.

Posted on Mark Avery's blog on 2nd March

Posted on RSPB Skydancer's blog on 28th March

In 2 months all my GCSEs will be done and hopefully I will be posting a bit more regularly again.


  1. Hari OM
    Well done on the posts Findlay... but most importantly, All Best Wishes for successful exams!!! YAM xx

  2. Hi Findlay, beautiful poster, says a lot. And have you been bothering HER no.10.

  3. Hi Fin. Although I'm not sure that you will need luck with your GCSEs (raw talent will rise to the top), I wish you all the best. Thank you so much for all your great work in support of our wildlife - my admiration grows.

    With my very best wishes to you, your Mum and Dad, and to Harley. Have a great Easter - - - Richard

  4. Good luck with the studies and the work to protect nature!

  5. Best wishes for your exams -- although, like Richard in the comment above, I am pretty sure you don't need them. Thank you for all you do and for taking time to update us on your activities. (Blogging is a funny hobby -- whenever a blogger I read disappears I worry a bit -- just like I would if a friend in real life just quit coming around.) I was quite sure with you the reason was your studies, but still it is nice to know for sure!