Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Local Lake

Tonight I went to a local lake just next to the house to see what nature was lerking around.

At the start of the watch there wasn't much around, but the wildlife gradually grew. I spotted a Moorhen which you may think is boring, but when you watch it carefully you will see the amazing things that it actually does like pecking at the dead vedgertation and flicking its tail up and down.

As I rambled round the lake I heard an Tawny Owl, I heard a Snipe and saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker. For the last couple of weeks I have seen Canada geese feeding on the corn so when I was walking round the lake I was looking out for them in the corn, but didn't spot any.

Just as we were leaving, a huge fish jumped out of the lake and left enormous ripples in the water.

I really liked it to tonight, but my favourite part was watching the mother nature.


  1. It's always satisfying to take the time to sit and watch mother nature at work Findlay, it's an amazing spectacle...[;o)

  2. Wonderful photos! I love the moorhen shot and the rippling water.