Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Marbury Park

Today I visited Marbury Park to see what water fowl was lerking about.

The lake it's self was rather choppy because of the winds and we only saw a few Great Crested Grebes

two coots, tufted ducks

Cormarants, 6 Herons, and a great big flock of Canada Geese

Now that might seem like alot but I normally see alot more birds when the weather is better.  There was nothing at the woodland bird hide because the feeders hadn't been filled up.

On the walk back my mum thought she had just seen a Hawfinch but she hadn't, it apparently was an escaped bird from captivity according to the ranges (Chris and Alan).

We did call back at the lake bird hide and whilst me and mum had a food fight a sneaky little water vole (it might of been a mouse, does anyone have any idears what it is) came and snatched a little piece of bread which had fallen on the floor.  

And finally I just wanted to mention the beautiful sunset we had last night, don't think we'll get that tonight with all the rain we're having. This sunset picture will be my Sky Watch Friday post.

I am really looking forward to the bird fair this weekend.


  1. Sounds like a great day Findlay.
    A lovely sunset to finish with.

    Myself and Trevor might see you at Birdfair on Friday.

  2. Despite the weather it looks like you had another good day out Findlay.

    The Mouse?... going by the rich colouring I'm pretty sure it's a Bank Vole

    Well captured Sunset...[;o)

  3. Sounds like a great day! And a lovely sunset to end it!

  4. What a great day, love the birds. And your sunset shot is beautiful Thanks for sharing your skies, happy skywatching.

  5. thanks for taking us with you on your day out. . .you have a keen eye and it makes me happy to know another person who loves birds. Thanks for sharing, Findlay.

  6. I often see Bank Voles at that hide Findlay... a lovely image.

  7. Great sky!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. Nice set of pictures - including the mouse / vole / rodent thing!

    The sunset shot is great.

    Stewart M - Australia

  9. Just beautiful! Visiting from Sky Watch Friday.

    My Skywatch, hope you'd come and see.
    Have a great weekend.