Saturday, 26 July 2014

Bugs and Birds in North Wales

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a bit, I have been at my Grandma's in North Wales, and as usual it turned out to be a brilliant week.

As it has been so hot, most of the time I have been out doors enjoying all the countryside and the wildlife. I took a main visit to somewhere called Bod Petrual  just on the edge of Clocaenog Forest. It was a great start to the trip, as as soon as we got out of the car, a family of Redstarts were squabbling and posing beside the car park in a Rowanberry.

Redstart picture I took there last year.

As we started the actual walk through the forest we came to a relatively large lake which was full of blue tailed and common blue Damselflies, hundreds of them danced across the water along with a variety of Dragonflies.

Four Spotter Chaser

The first species I came across was the Golden Ringed Dragonfly, I had never seen one before and yet they were so frequent, as we continued the walk around I saw a Common and Southern Hawker both of these were posed next to each other, but I could tell the difference due to the markings down the back.  I also a Four Spotted Chaser.

So a great day and part of a week, however I am going to be back in Wales on Sunday so more news to follow.

P.S. I never heard anything back from my letter to Elizabeth Truss in my last blog, but I will be sending it to her again.


  1. glad you had a great time away!

  2. Seems like you have a good time at Grandma's Findlay, I bet you can't wait to get 'stuck in' to all that wildlife?

    If you sent that letter enough times she'll eventually have to read it and hopefully she'll, as dithery her boss keeps on chanting, do the right thing?...[;o)

  3. From recent press Mrs.Truss isn't in favour of cancelling any badger culls :-( but still resend it, perhaps send it to your local MP and ask him/her to pass it on to her.
    I saw a Redstart today was dead excited hope you have a great time

  4. It's great to here that a stay at Grandma's has come up trumps again, Findlay. It musy be thirty years or more since I saw a Golden Ringed Dragonfly! I envy you.

    Will be looking out for you and the family at Birdfair in a couple of weeks or so's time. Best wishes - - Richard