Monday, 25 August 2014

A Nice Surprise on my Patch

After weeks of travelling round and being really busy it was great to enjoy some pure birding on my ,local patch. As you know I have a feeding station in a farmers wood, which attracts all kinds off birds, but the fields and pastures on the way there attract a few different migrants. 

As I was walking down the track yesterday I saw the white flash, and this was indeed the rump of what I think is a first winter Wheatear, a lovely bird which  I have seen only rarely on my patch before.  

I was able to get a few nice snaps before it was off, however I had to check the books on the identification because it's hunched body shape and "fat" neck made me a bit curious of a possible Wheatear rarity.

So a great little bird to go on my BTO bird track report, oh and also got great views of a Green Woodpecker (a first for my feeding station area).

My next post will be more coastal!


  1. Nice surprise Findlay,three great captures.

  2. They are a great looking bird.


  3. These images are brilliant mate, a nice patch tick too

  4. just beautiful fence perchers!

  5. Great find & photos! Guessing not a rarity then? Nothing like that on my patch, the best bird seen there has been a flimsy Garden Warbler!