Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fox Moth! Well sort of.

One minute it's getting a bit milder and the next minute it's a cold front again. 

On Monday night it was set to be 6 degrees over night and dry.  So I was thinking MOTH TRAP. After a bit of convincing, dad agreed to set up the trap in the dark. I got up extra early on the Tuesday and went out full of anticipation, and guess what.......................not a single moth!  But it was worth a try of course.

Tuesday night was getting a bit colder but it was going to be dry again, but windy. So this time I thought TRAIL CAM.  The trail cam went up on the back fence and a few scraps from tea got thrown just in front of it. And here is the fabulous result:

Of course, we saw quite a few cats as well, but these two foxes visited separately from about 10:10pm until 4:50am. One fox has very obvious patches on its flanks,so you could tell there were two. Then at 5:03am they both got filmed having this tussle; all the food had gone by then. But was this playing, fighting or maybe courtship. What do you think?

So not really a Fox Moth at this time of year of course, but moths and foxes were what I was after.


  1. Who knows what they were doing.I watched your clip several times a I thought one of the foxes had not got as bushy tail as the other. Pity about no Moths but I think it i a bit cold

  2. i hope they were just playing, but with food, you never know! you trapped something! :)

  3. You did well with the fox video, im sure i get them in my garden, it maybe worth me investing a trail cam.


  4. I have a fox near me at Moss Farm Findlay... I just need to get some pictures.