Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Heroes (We Could Be)

There have been a lot of Hen Harrier discussions recently.

This blog is pure and simply to say thank you.  Last year Harry the Hen Harrier was born and what a journey it has been since. In December I created my just giving page to raise money for RSPB Skydancers. The majority of money raised came from selling my "Wishing You a Harry Christmas" cards. There were just 2 people I never managed to find and send their cards to, but I did really try to find you. In buying the cards and making donations you have raised over £500.

The best thing about the cards though was being able to get the Hen Harrier story in to so many different houses over Christmas, and not just those who know about Hen Harriers already. In all the turmoil surrounding the Hen Harriers, my main goal has been to raise lots of awareness. 

In this blog and the video below I want to thank everyone who has played a part in raising awareness for Hen Harriers through Harry selfies, sending cards, showing their support and really just caring. If I have missed anyone off, please send me your Harry pictures and I will of course post them on this blog post. 

I feel that things are changing for Hen Harriers and I feel that you are all helping to make that happen. Conservation is moving on and we need to be with it all the way. 

We will be Heroes.

The extra pictures:


  1. Findlay you have done a brilliant job so far, your enthusiasm, passion and determination is a real revelation, and for someone so young you are a real inspiration, you have found your vocation for sure, enjoy the journey and make a real difference.... Nice to see our selfie featured in your post... See you and the family soon hopefully

  2. Well done Findaly, you're doing an awesome job on this! Keep going with the campaigning and raising awareness for Hen Harriers - it's lovely to see more and more people gathering together to become involved in this. - Tasha

  3. Fantastic, Findlay! Just totally awesome, and inspiring as well! You are making a huge difference in the world already! Thank you for sharing what you do with the wider world! :)

  4. It was a stroke of genius making that enormous Hen Harrier to help spread the word about them. Well done for all your have done and are still doing.

  5. Keep up the good work Findlay, you're doing a wonderful job...[;o)

  6. Brilliant Findlay.........just brilliant!

  7. Well done! And hope you can make a difference!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne