Friday, 3 April 2015

Leaders Debate Bingo Results

Well I managed to sit through the 2 hours of the leaders debate and I also managed to fill in my key words bingo card that I made up.

Official leader's debate bingo card

Every time one of the words was mentioned, I gave the word a point. The purpose was to see what was talked about the most and how important the environment is in the political world. Here are the results below:

Click on graph to make bigger

As you can see, all the words that should really matter to us got barely any mention. The one thing that we all truly cannot live without, NATURE, isn't even a concern for most of the politicians that were on that stage. I think it's so worrying that looking after our shared planet is not important enough to win votes. 

Some other words I did notice mentioned a lot were future, youth and balance. Well as a "youth" I will keep pushing for a better natural "balance" for my "future" and all of yours.

So how would I vote, well as I'm only 13 I can't stand or even vote in this election and I don't understand all of what was being said, so instead I will use my vote for a very important cause I can help change. I will vote Hen Harrier in the National Bird Vote and make sure greed, persecution and ignorance don't empty our skies of dancers.


  1. you are going to be a great voice and a great vote for environmental issues, findlay.

  2. I think sadly it's a reflection of what the majority of people care about, see as a cynical hack I've noticed fear & greed rules people's mind and the results reflect that in your graph with the exception of the NHS. I got a bit angry when Natalie Bennett started to talk about the environment and was promptly cut off and the traditional parties rolled their eyes. But at least you gave it a go, not many older people did.

  3. You keep going, by the time you are able to vote, maybe it will be on the list.

  4. HI Finaly A interesting excercise completd withnot surprising results perhaps you now should send these result to the major politicions of the country. You never know who would sit up adntake notice. Well done, you are the voice of the future geenreration.

  5. Unfortunately environmental issues will not line the pockets of the greedy politicians we have at the moment, so they are just not interested.

    Maybe one day; but maybe it will be too late by then.

  6. Sad to say, Findley, politicians are the same here in Canada. I should try this exercise. It's one thing to believe you know what Politicians think is important but this exercise makes it super clear.