Saturday, 28 May 2016

Operation Spoonbill

Annoyingly my teeth have been on a real go slow on coming out, so yesterday I had a minor operation to remove the remaining 5 of them. This inhibited me from taking part in any activity with a lot of action and movement needed, so sadly I could not go ringing today.

Instead I decided to go and do a bit of birding with my dad on the Wirral. We started at Leasowe overlooking the estuary, however the tide was miles out, which sadly meant the wading birds we were in search of were right out on the tide line, so way to far even for the scope. However we did get a nice close flyby of 2 Common Tern, which then started to fish in a small inlet close by.

That was all the action we got at Leasowe and as the tide would be the same all along the Wirral coast, we decided to drop in to RSPB Burton Mere Wetlands.

When we arrived at the visitor center, we were greeted by good friend Dan Trottman who I have volunteered with at the Skydancer on the Dee events. It was great to have a catch up with him.

In the last couple of weeks there have been up to 4 Spoonbills located around the reserve, however they have been quite mobile and some days they have been all the way over at Burton Marsh.

Thankfully we manged to locate them resting up in a pine tree with Little Egrets; sometimes doing the odd circuit of the wood before settling back in the trees again. We managed to get great views of 3 of the birds. So did the Grey Heron just below them!

A lifer for me and my dad! And a rare bird in the North West. Whilst watching these magnificent waders, the air was filled with the song of Cettis Warbler, however sadly they didn't show, but nevertheless a great birding experience. 

As it was approaching time to leave this brilliant RSPB reserve, another bird made an appearance to finish off a superb day. When we arrived at the car park, literally right above our vehicle, there was a Spotted Flycatcher. The first I'd seen this year and a great bird to end the day.

Wild Bird Wednesday


  1. What a brilliant bird.

  2. I love the Spoonbill Findlay. Great shots.

  3. Sounds a super experience. I wonder what has drawn them so far north. Hope your jaw isn't too uncomfortable.

  4. Hello, the White Spoonbill is great bird. Wonderful sighting and photos. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  5. Glad you caught up with the Spoonys. Super looking birds, and you got some great shots too. Bonus with the Spotted Flycatcher in the car park.

  6. Great photos of beautiful birds!

  7. Beautiful birds.
    Nice post.. more and more.
    Riya @ xspins

  8. Sounds like you had a great time with your dad.

  9. Quite an adventure, Findlay! A great day all-round (except for the dentist, of course!)