Friday, 24 August 2012

Fantastic Mr Fox

Because I hadn't put my infra red camera up for a while I decided to put it out for a test and guess who turned up after is a short 10 second video of who came snooping around.

Here are a few more videos of what turned up in the garden from the last couple of weeks.

First of all our old friend the Jackdaw came for a peep at the camera before having his tea;

Then we managed to get a short video of the squabbling young Starlings before they all disappeared a few weeks ago.

I hope the foxes come back again tonight.


  1. Good stuff Findlay, I have a fox that visits my garden regularly, but I've never seen him, my neighbours have and the food I put out for him goes each night, think i'll have to copy you and get an infrared camera, well done

  2. You're getting better results with the cam than I am lol

    1. Are you getting lots of cats, thats all we got he first few times. From Findlay

  3. I'm getting far too many Findlay.
    There is a hedgehog though.

  4. Great to see the fox in your garden Findlay.