Saturday, 29 December 2012

RSPB Conwy - Fire & Bittern

Today I visited RSPB Conwy to see what was about even though it was a really wet day. The Little Egrets were every where today; there was at least one on every pool. I went on the guided walk and eventually at the last hide met one of my blog followers Phil Gatley who was really helpful and kind. Phil volunteers at RSPB Conwy and has done so for the last 5 years - a great thing to do.

 I was about half way through the reserve when I noticed 2 small round birds that were dashing back and to through the brambles, and when I eventually got them through my binoculars I realised they were Fire Crests.   We had seen them earlier in the day on the guided walk, but it was great to spot them again without any help. When I got to the next few hides all there really was was a number of duck species (Pochard, Gadwall, Teal, Tufted Duck) and a few waders (Little Egrets, Curlews, a single Oystercatcher, Lapwing and a Snipe).     

Robins were everywhere as well, and I got rather close to one of them.......

Me and my brother were holding out a little bit of seed for the Robin and after a bit of patience I finally succeeded in getting it to come to my hand and feed off it. 

Another bird that was showing quite well were the Red Breasted Mergansers, a member of the Saw Bill family (the one below is a female). As I was walking back with Phil to get some lunch, I noticed a small heron shaped bird flying over the coffee shop; at first I thought it was a juvenile gull but when I looked at it through my binoculars I realised it was a Bittern, it was great to see one actually flying.  

The Estuary beside the reserve didn't have much on it apart from a few wagtails, Red shanks  Curlews, Gulls and Oyster catchers. 

What a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just one last thing, it was great to see two other young teenagers enjoying the reserve today.


  1. feeding robins from your hand must be so much fun! :) like that last shot, too.

  2. Findlay, I'm so envious. You had a great day by the sound of things. And what a great thing to have a Robin feeding from your hand. A special moment indeed.

  3. Firecrests and bittern would make any birders day but my faves are you and your bro trying to get the robin to feed out of your hand, I've never managed that...and of course your last line...excellent news.

    Keep up the good work

    All the very best for 2013



  4. Ditto what Davo said Firecrest, Bittern and Red Breasted Merganser would make for a brilliant day, but you built up an impressive species list. Well done

  5. What a wonderful day indeed Findlay, and two other teenagers enjoying the reserve too....sounds encouraging and good to hear.

    A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, mum, dad, and brother, lets hope we can all share our wonderful wildlife together.

  6. Full marks to you, Findlay, for going out on a wet day - and what rewards you got for your efforts!! Either Firecrest or Bittern would have been a highlight of the year for me, but to get both in one day is amazing!

    A wonderful day indeed!!!

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