Saturday, 19 January 2013

Armchair Birdwatching

Because of the snow, football was cancelled today so I was excited to see what Winter birds the snow had brought to the garden. By the end of the day I think I got a good result.

This beautiful male Reed Bunting had joined a Chaffinch flock; he stayed for about 20 minutes then took off with a few Chaffinches. Chaffinches were everywhere today, I counted about 12 the most I've ever had at once.

The Great Tits were enjoying the seed today, whereas the Blue Tits preferred the nuts. The Starlings just ate anything of course! 

I was looking for the Great Spotted Woodpecker all day today and finally succeeded; capturing it feeding on the fat balls for a good ten minutes.

A flock of ten Fieldfare kept on visiting the garden, (the most I've had this Winter).

This Wood Pigeon had visited my tray today, which is brilliant because I haven't seen him/her for ages.

3 Collared Doves were enjoying their share of the food.

The Robin was coming right up to the door, probably due to the snowy weather.

All the birds were trying out the bird table today, especially the Robin.

More Chaffinches in the snow, this one had a cold foot!

Another exciting thing that happened this week was getting this really old book called Birds of the Wayside and Woodland.

It is really interesting because it is has loads of information in, so it should help me with my bird identifications. 

 Thank you very much to Stephen Entwistle, the very kind man who has given me the book. He buys and sells old books at auctions. The paintings in the book are marvelous as well.

I hope there is snowy weather next week, ready for the RSPB big garden bird watch.


  1. That's a great selection of birds taking advantage of your garden fare Findlay.

    The old book looks good, it will be interesting to compare how the thoughts and observations on birds and birding have changed over the years, looks like it has great illustrations too!...[;o)

  2. Bonitas capturas Findlay.Saludos

  3. Superb selection of birds Findlay. Just goes to show you don't necessarily need to go far to see great birds.

  4. I think many of us have been contenting ourselves in watching the garden birds over the past couple of days Findlay - so many birds!. Your garden watch seems to have been particularly rewarding. You're obviously doing it right!

  5. Great images and post Findlay, a varied selection of birds. I was hoping the same for next weekend too.

  6. i like your bunting! very pretty! neat old book, too!

  7. Great photo's Findlay and a nice selection of birds!

  8. You got a great selection of birds there Findlay.
    And how good of Stephen Entwistle to give you that book.