Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Back to the Bittern

After I went shopping to get some warm clothes and equipment for bird watching, I visited Marbury Park to see the murmuration of Starlings or in other words a whisper of Starlings as Ryan Mottram keeps reminding me. However, I saw something just as good whilst I was waiting, a Bittern; perched on top of a reed, one of the best views I have ever got. A lady sitting next to me spotted it and then I spotted it again when it had climbed on top of the reeds. It was getting dark and misty, so the pictures are just for my own record really.

I was really lucky to see to see it so close, probably a once in a life time experience, and I wouldn't of seen it if it wasn't for the lovely lady who let me look through her scope. Whilst I was there I met some really nice people called Bill and Ruth, they were really helpful and friendly, Bill had even run into my blog before! Thank you Bill and Ruth, I hope I meet you again some time. 

The last woodland birds of the day were the lovely Long Tailed Tits; all you could here was the drum rolling call, they were everywhere.

Another fabulous display of Starlings, however this time when they were in the air and reeds they were much noisier. I am hoping to video them later in the week, so more about them another time.

Wish me luck, since tomorrow I have been invited to go for a ringing trial.  I have been busy learning ring sizes on the BTO App tonight.


  1. It's good to see the Bittern showing so well Findlay I hope it's still around this weekend.
    Enjoy yourself ringing you will soon be quite the expert I'm sure.

  2. you sure are making the most of your time over the hols Findlay - I'm so envious that you've seen the starling murmuration - really hope to get to see that before winter's out! Great view of the bittern too, another bird I haven't seen - Thank you for your comment on my zebra, glad you like it!

  3. the starlings are very cool to see. love the long-tails, too.

  4. So pleased to see that you caught up with a Bittern again, Findlay.

    I hope that the ringing trial went well.