Saturday, 10 August 2013

Cornwall 2013 Part 1 - Green Woodpeckers

I have just got back from my holiday at Cornwall, so I would like to share with you all some of the birds and wildlife I have seen; in this post I will be telling you about seeing a juvenile and an adult Green Woodpecker. When I first arrived I was so excited to explore the house and garden and then on the second day of my holiday I saw the Green Woodpecker in the garden where we were actually staying; it was the first time in two years I had seen one of these beautiful birds.

The adult bird is the one to the left. You can see on the back view of the adult that the feathers were much more plain green than the speckled juvenile.

I will have lots of news to share with you in my next post - including an enormous sea monster!


  1. Great stuff Findlay.
    I bet you all had a brilliant time.

  2. Lucky you - I'd love to see a green woodpecker - saw one very briefly at Tatton Park but just a quick glimpse of it flying off - you're right they're beautiful birds - love that new banner by the way - looks very familiar!!!

  3. Hi Findlay , great post , really liking the Green Woodpecker pics .

  4. Well done on photographing the Green Woodpeckers a very shy bird, looking forward to the sea monster? Nessie migrated?

  5. A cracking bird to see and photograph Findlay, It looks like your holiday got off to a good start? Looking forward to seeing more images from your 'monster' holiday...[;o)

  6. I am lucky Fin I have them nesting outside my front door and have seen parent and juv bird last month :)

  7. Hi Findlay... Good for you, I have seen them on other post and they are a real beauty that we don't have here!!
    Great shot's!!

  8. Well done Findlay,I live in Cornwall,so i'm pleased you had a Fab time.
    Come back soon.

  9. Hi there - great birds - I used to call them yaffles as kid!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  10. Just getting back into the groove after being away for a week with nearly 3,000 images to process, so only just now catching up with my favourite blogs.

    I'm really sorry to have missed this one when you plublished it Findlay. I love woodpeckers, but I don't see many Greens that are photographable as they're usually so timid. You did very well to capture these two so beautifully!

    Bring on the 'sea monster'!!

  11. Thank you for posting the pictures of the Green Woodpeckers! I've never seen one.
    I just posted an article on Florida woodpeckers. I think they're a very interesting species.