Thursday, 26 June 2014

Amazing Moths for National Insect Week

Of course as a young conservationist I don't just like birds (even-though they are my main passion); but I love all wildlife and this year aside from birds I have particularly been focusing on early and mid year moths (just about coming out now and the start of July).

All of these moths were recorded over the last 2 weeks in my garden and will be entered into a national survey. I wanted to share these stunning moths with you as part of National Insect Week

So here they are, a real mix of colours, shapes and sizes: 

Angle Shades

Birds Wing (local)

Buff Tip

Burnished Brass

Common Rustic

Lime Hawk Moth (my favorite of the year)

Large Emerald

Swallow Tail

Double Square Spot

Yellow Shell

Eyed Hawk Moth

Ghost Moth

Gold Spot

Pebble Hook-tip

Scorched Wing

Now of course there are about 2700 species of moth in the UK, these are just a select few from my garden that I thought you might enjoy. So why not get out there set a moth trap up and discover these night time wonders for yourself.

By the way take part in the annual moth night from 3rd - 5th July.


  1. really awesome collection of them! i like the emerald a lot!

  2. Yes we tend to over look the amount of moths that are out there to see.


  3. Great selection I like the Buff Tip

  4. You've caught some real beauties there Findlay. It's like putting your hand into a lucky dip every time you empty the trap, you never know what surprises will turn up?...[;o)

  5. That's a very nice selection of very handsome moths - scorched wing is the top of the moths for me though



  6. wow they are some good moths our sheets never work

  7. Brilliant selection Findlay.
    Just shows what delights of the night most people never see.