Thursday, 12 June 2014

An eye for a moth!

It was great to be out Moth Trapping again, due to all the thundery weather (i.e torrential  rain, forked lightning, and thunder the trap hasn't been out for a while). Even though it was a school night I really wanted to see what night time moths were stirring at the moment.

Now in this picture, this looks like any ordinary Poplar Hawk Moth, which we've been catching quite a lot of at the moment. At first when I saw it inside the trap I myself also thought it was a Poplar Hawk moth. But take a look at this next picture...........

Again some of the less experienced moth-ers again might think this is a Poplar Hawk moth, but if you observe closely you can see the colouration on the wing is more pinky the wing is slightly more patterned, but for me the main difference is the black stripe going across the head.

Now when this wonderful spectacle opened up it's wings, I found that this moth was indeed the Eyed Hawk Moth, slightly larger than the Poplar. In this picture below you can tell where it gets it's name from, the blue spirals look like the eye of something on the hind wing.  I have wanted to catch this moth since the beginning of 2014, so I had to write a quick blog about it. The excitement rushed through me and I can't wait to report in to the Cheshire moth recorder.

Of course with all moths (including this one) I always spend time researching about them, and this one's caterpillar's food plants tend to be fruit trees (of course some other things as well).

A remarkable way to start the day and a great mid week treat.


  1. Have you looked at one with its head pointing downwards? With its wings open it looks like - a cat! The big stripe on the thorax you mention is its nose, the two lines down the middle of the fore-wings are the sides of the head, and it even has faint whiskers and eyelashes! It may just be imagination, but I can't help feeling that if two eyes will startle a bird, a whole cat-face will startle one even more!
    Best wishes and good mothing!
    Jamie McMillan

    1. Thank you so much for all that information.

  2. I too have seen this moth, only this week, but no camera with me!!!!!!!

    good mothing to you Fin.


  3. That's a lovely catch Findlay, I've yet to see one so can you point it in this direction please?...[;o)

  4. wow well done mate we could be putting one up tonight

  5. I like that last image an impressive looking moth

  6. I like that last image an impressive looking moth

  7. That's a real stunner Findlay. Never seen one of these before.