Sunday, 30 September 2012


Yesterday I noticed all the sparrows in my garden acting a bit unusual, but when I looked up into the sky there wasn't anything up there that could be spooking them.

So then I took a glance into the field and there I noticed a parent Buzzard training a young Buzzard to hunt rather close to my fence.  The youngster was just sitting lazily in the field while the adult was nearby.

The youngster then flew into the next field so I shouted mum and we went on a walk to follow them. My dog Jura managed to sneak out of the door too, so he ended up coming with us. This always ends in disaster though.  Every time we get the camera out, he thinks it's a toy and starts barking for us to throw it - not good for bird watching and definitely not good for the camera.

We got a great view of the River Weaver from the top of the hill.  It was still really full after all the rain last week.

And then I saw them again, wheeling in the skies like vultures.  I could hear them calling to each other.

They were quite high so the pictures arent the best, but it gives you an idea of just how magnificient these birds are.

When we got home the male Sparrow was still sitting in his lookout tower.

We got home just in time to see about 7-8 Long Tailed Tits passing through the garden.  This was the best picture I could manage as they were just too quick and flighty.  They returned again this morning.

A great walk, especially following the Buzzards and them following us!


  1. Love your post including the bit about Jura. How lucky to have the Buzzard seen from your house.

    Keep on keeping on Findlay, we enjoy it as much as you enjoy the birds/wildlife.

  2. i am laughing at your hound. such a cute pup! :)

    (yes, i believe that large snake in my post today was a water moccasin - a poisonous variety we get a lot of here.)

  3. Birds are clever in spotting predators before we do Findlay. Pleased yuo got some shots of them too and nice to get Buzzard on your garden list.

  4. Great story Findlay. I can sympathise with trying to birdwatch with a dog. Never the easiest thing to do.

  5. Lucky you to see buzzards from your garden - I used to get them in the garden where I used to live but not where I live now but there are plenty around where I go walking! Great post

  6. So cool hearing about your walk, Findlay, and seeing the birds. Poor Jura! Maybe a good bone...

  7. Buzzards are great birds to watch soaring Findlay and we are lucky to have them in good numbers locally.
    Jura is lovely...

  8. Great post and images Findlay...[;o)

  9. Hi Findlay...I don't have buzzards in my area, in fact I don't think we have them at all here in Maine (US), but I do have those same Sparrows here!!
    So glad you shared your story,and your photos of your encounter with one!!
    I love your dog!!