Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Summer Migrants and Tawny Owl Chicks

On Sunday I finally got to go back to ringing after SATs and this time I was at Brook vale; a new sight for me. This picture below is a male Blackcap with a Spanish ring on. It was really exciting for me because it was the first species of bird I have held from abroad.

In this picture you might roughly be able to make out the words MADRID, this is where the ring was made.

Today me and Dan also got a few new species of bird. First up was a Reed Warbler (my second favorite warbler in this country. 

You may of guessed my first favorite warbler is the Sedge, I love the males thick eye-brow and the way it blends into the reed colour (I got to ring one of these).

I think it is quite obvious Peters favorite warbler is the Raisin Filled Pastry warbler all the way from a local habitat called ASDA!

After my session at Brook Vale we went on to ring some chicks, I think young Jackdaws (below) are so cute. 

This a picture of me and Peter holding the chicks, at this age they were ringable.

I couldn't wait to go and ring the young Tawny owls, but they could wait for me...

These little fellers are cute but ruthless! if one of their talons get into your skin you are going to be in quite a bit of pain. As you can see I am completely and utterly focused on the talons.

What a brilliant day. You can read Scouse Ringer's blog here.


  1. oh my gosh! the owlets are so cute! :) awww. jackdaw babies from your 'guess what' the other day.

    i love that sedge warbler and the blackcap, too! both very handsome european birds!

  2. One day I swear I'll get your Tuesday question right, at least I got the family group right:) I had to laugh about the Tawny's I'll show you one day where a Goshawak put it's talons into my wrist and didn't let go for an hour and half...we were treating it for a broken wing at the time, did it hurt...yep

  3. The owls are great, but the Pie Warbler is good looking too!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. A great post which gave me a good laugh, Findlay! Thank you. Getting to hold a Tawny Owl chick must have been an amazing experience.

  5. You really do get to see some great birds when you are ringing Findlay. Both of your warblers are always at a distance for me and I haven't even caught a glimpse of a Tawny Owl for ages. Glad you managed to avoid those talons :-)

  6. I enjoyed your post very much! Wonderful adventures in ringing! I especially love owls and appreciate the respect you need to give those talons!

    - Wally (Florida, USA)

  7. Hi there Findlay,

    Whereabouts are you from, cos we don't spell favourite like how you spelt it, without the u, makes me think you maybe from America or maybe Canadian... hmm??