Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Good Question 13

It's Tuesday Night Quiz Night.

Whilst my amazing ringing trainer was away ringing in Portugal, he kept sending me homework back, so I thought I would test you on it as well.

Tonight's question is:

What bird does this tail belong to?

I will post the answer tomorrow night, and I have switched  on the comment approval thing to stop you copying other people's homework!

Good luck

And the answer is;

Cetti's Warbler

If you count the rectrices (tail feathers) there are only 10, whereas most similar birds would have 12.

Well done to those who got it right and thank you to everyone that had a go.


  1. I know, I know, I know!

    *sits down on hands*

  2. I've done a count and I pretty sure I know too, we have them breeding near where I'm sat right now and their sing their name very loudly.



  3. Hmmm!...I reckon that tail belongs to a juvenile Common Whitethroat.

    I hope it's all going fine and you're settling in well at your new school?...[;o)