Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Good Question 14

It's Tuesday Night Quiz Night

That came round again really quickly. It must be all that homework I've had.

As you may know, I recently went to the Rutland Birdfair and met loads of brilliant people. Lucy McRoberts and some of her people at A Focus On Nature (who do great things supporting youngster who want to work in conservation) made an amazing video about the bird fair. Your quiz challenge tonight is to see how many species of bird you can spot in the video. 

Remember, the birds could be alive, or on stand logos or even pictures in the art tent. Good luck. I am going to have another look and do my final count. There is a bonus point if you spot what it said on mine and Harley's chalk boards.

I will post the answer tomorrow night, or at least how many I think there are!

Good luck. (Sorry it's not a Blackbird quiz Douglas).

And the answer is

These are all the birds I identified

1. Osprey
2. Avocet
3. Tawny Owl
4. Spoon Bill Sandpiper
5. Goldfinch
6. Emperor Penguin
7. Spotted Flycatcher
8. Great Crested Grebe
9. Redstart
10. Robin
11. Eagle Owl
12. Albatros
13. Upland Sandpiper
14. Bobolink
15. Blue Tit
16. Kingfisher
17. barn Owl
18. Dipper
19. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker
20. Humming Bird
21. Kestrel
22. Grouse
23. Puffin
24. Black Headed Gull
25. Cormorant
26. Scaup
27. Little Egret
28. Mute Swan
29. Red backed Shrike
30. Bullfinch
31. Pelican

Leave a comment if you think you saw any others. Thanks to everyone for having a go.


  1. I love this. It's like Comicon but for birds!!!

  2. Hamza Yassin on Twitter has said 30 species

  3. Alex Berryman on Twitter has said 34 species

  4. Gideon Knight ‏@Earlywormbirder on Twitter says 7

  5. Great inspiring question Findlay, the best fun yet!
    It's taken me the best part of an hour to watch a four minute video!!
    And my answer...28 species and one fluffy Penguin...[;o)

  6. Very INSPIRING Fin, My count is 225, and I had a lot of FUN doing it. :)

  7. Hi there - I lost count in the scene where the phoenix was fighting with the roc - but I think this may have been the wrong video!!!!

    Nice idea.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. Robs Birding @RobsBirding on Twitter has said 40 species

  9. You missed a Bittern, that one was on the Rutland "info" board behind Derek Moore, where Derek is signing his book in the background is a Collins Birdguide book with an Artic Tern/Common Tern on front cover (I think its an Artic haven't browsed the second edition so not sure) Johnny Kingdom=Sparrow also I think Greenfinch (again can't say which, not clear, then there's his hat badges. Also what looks like a Black Guilemott on the ebird stand....not that I'm desperate to get a question right or anything lol

    1. I think you may just have done it this time round. Well done.