Monday, 16 September 2013

Sam's First Kingfisher

Sunday 15th September was truly a great, but wet day. I went for a bird watching trip at Winsford Flash with my best friend Sam, he is also rather interested in nature and loved the trip we took him on. As we walked through a wooded path the Flash soon came into view, and straight away we saw all the usual gulls especially Black Headed Gulls along with this stunning Herring Gull.

 As we continued along the path we soon came to a big viewing point (just after we had come off a board walk), and anyway as we had a quick scan to see what there was, I saw a bird sat on a post. I  knew straight away it was Kingfisher, really exciting for me but mega exciting for Sam due to it being the first ever sighting of one for him. 

 I took a few shots of this splendid bird, but I am only showing these two. The rain was so heavy that all the pictures are a bit grainy.

Monday 16th September; (today). After another long day at school I convinced dad to do another quick visit, sadly there was no Kingfisher; but there were at least 250 Canada Geese. There were also a few Mallards about and still a lot of swifts, however the one below the white duck looked a bit like a Pintail in the picture, but I don't think it is.

As we followed the path round the corner we soon come to a big mud scrape that I reckon will get some rare migratory birds (a few days ago I saw a Snipe there) and common birds of course. 

Last year we had a flock of about 200 Canada Geese in one of the fields behind our house. There was a pure white goose with them. This big flock below had a pure white goose with them and is only a few miles from our house, so I wonder it it is the same flock.

Hopefully might make it there tomorrow. 


  1. your kingfishers are beautiful. love the gull shot in the gray, too.

  2. Oooohhh ID blunder there Finn, not like you!
    Slaty grey back and yellow legs tells me Lesser Blacky. Should be lots of gull practice for you this winter, here's hoping some unusual ones turn up for us...see you at Richmond Bank one day? Wear your woolies!!!!!!



  3. I'm surprised at the swifts, I haven't seen one for a couple of weeks now and thought they had all gone, well done. And well done on the Kingfisher, not an easy bird to sneak up on and get an image of.

  4. Hi Findlay... How great for you to get your friend interested in birding and have him see the Kingfisher!!
    The Kingfisher that I see one the river here I can never get a good shot of ...well done!!


  5. Looks like you've found another promising location to visit there Findlay? I'm glad your pal enjoyed his trip out with you, and how lucky was that to get a Kingfisher posing for you?...[;o)

  6. Beautiful photos. I add you to my friends :)