Tuesday, 9 June 2015

13 Years Wilde - An Introduction

I wanted to tell you all about an exciting series of guest blogs that I have starting this week. As you know, I am now 13 and nature has been a massive part of my life so far (and it always will be). But it got me thinking, what was it like for other people when they were 13, and what sort of part was nature playing in their lives.

So I decided to find out by asking a wide mix of people to write a guest blog for me on the theme of "13 Years Wilde".  The response has been amazing and I can't wait to share some amazing posts with you. The authors range from well known people like Chris Packham, CEOs, Mark Avery, politicians, to other people you may never have heard of, but have played a massive part in my learning and that I find inspiring.  There is a big mix of ages 

I have of course read through the posts received so far, and I have found them so interesting. Some of the stuff, especially technology has of course changed so much, and there are things I have never even heard of mentioned. There are funny bits, moving bits and parts that make me think "that's just how I feel right now".

I really hope you enjoy this series of guest blogs. I will be posting the first one tomorrow. But in the meantime, here's me at 13.


  1. Looking forward to reading and contributing to the posts Findlay.. I am already £35 out of pocket after buying a piece of kit to turn my Dads old slides into digital images... me at 13 fingers crossed it works.

    1. Thank so much for going to all that trouble.

    2. It's not a problem Findlay... the slides have been in Mums attic for years and the whole family are hoping I can put them on-line. I hope it all works as Mum is 84 and would love to see them again.
      We did have a projector and screen but it was a lot of effort to use.
      Ask your Dad I bet he's too young to remember... we were way ahead in the 60's lol.

  2. Well, Findlay, I've just read your email to Mr. Cameron and I've watched your video and must write this comment while the shivers are still running up and down my spine. First of all, I wish you were in Canada. I'd vote for you in a minute and I bet there would be a lot of people with me. Or, perhaps, if you continue to care so passionately, and I really hope you do, you could aim higher, with a view to becoming a world leader. I've felt for a long time that your approach would not only save our natural world, but combat the horrible cancers (brain tumours in young children are particularly on my mind) that seem to be increasing. More research money spent on inventing new drugs is not the answer. Rather, we need to spend our time and energy to grow our food without pesticides, clean up the air we breathe and remove the plastic debris that sickens all of us, human and otherwise. I'm looking forward to reading "13 Years Wild".. what a brilliant idea! I'll be following your blog closely from now on. Many thanks to you for caring!

  3. I can't find a way to edit my comment, but after "plastic debris" I meant to add "from the ocean" and I did mean to have an "e' on the end of your name. So sorry!

  4. HI Finaly Yes I remember you showing us that photograph of you. Now this was another brilliant idea of you to write to these people adn I look forward to reading what they say when they were 13.

  5. Great idea Findlay, I'm looking forwards to some interesting reads...[;o)