Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Cat in the Trap!

Throughout this year, I've had the moth trap on quite a lot, twice a week now depending on the weather. However, because of the weather and the cold spells during April and May, moths are a bit late this year. But recently, because of the warmer weather, numbers of moths have definitely been boosted and I am starting to get a wider variety of moths.

Last week we caught our first Eyed and Poplar Hawk moths and this week we managed to catch a new species, I originally thought without using the book that this was an Alder Kitten however after a couple of views through the book I identified this moth as a Poplar Kitten.

Poplar Kitten

This moth is quite an unusual moth to get as it is less frequent in northern England and it is the first time I have caught one. The flight season is one generation from late May to July. The larva feed on  poplars or Aspen, sometimes reported on Willows. The moths usually most frequent on poplar plantations, however also found in woods and gardens.

Another species of moth I caught is called the Bird's Wing, which on average I catch about three times a year, it's a beautiful moth and a pleasure to see close up. 

Bird's Wing

Other moths included; first Elephant Hawk moth of the year 

First Buff Tip of the year


First Silver Y of the year

Small Magpie

Large Yellow Underwing

However the rarest moth today I saw was not caught in the trap, infact I saw it "hovering" in the front garden on our flower bed. A HUMMINGBIRD HAWK MOTH decided to drop in and gave me and my my brother a fantastic and unmistakable view, even though it's the first time I've ever seen one.

Aren't moths brilliant.


  1. the elephant hawk is very cool. i like the 'fur' on all moths. 'kitten' is a good name for that species.

  2. The birds wing looks cool, but the elephant hawk Moth is a cracking looking Moth.

  3. Yes moth are brilliant Findlay, and you have photographed this selection well.

    I hope all visitors to Wilde About Birds view them in enlarged format to benefit from your excellent images.

    My Kind Regards

  4. Wonderful to see Findlay... I must get myself a moth trap.

  5. You're trap is working well Findlay, you've caught some stunning moths here...much better than my abysmal results so far this year!
    And a 'hummer' too, now that's just being greedy..lol!...[;o)

  6. Cracking set of moths Findlay.
    I too have noticed the lack of moths due to the cold evenings recently, although a couple of nights ago I managed quite a few.
    The Buff Tip is a beauty, had my first the other night.
    Well done seeing the Hummingbird Hawk Moth; I've never seen one of those.

  7. Great moths! I have been putting my moth trap out regularly but for some reason I am incapable of catching a Silver Y! We had a Beautiful Golden Y though, I think its beauty makes up for it! Hopefully we'll get a Silver y when we take the trap to Wales next week...
    Amazing photographs by the way!