Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Good Question 27 - Whose Foot?

Quiz night Tuesday is back again. 

Tonight's question is about a foot and there are two parts to the question. And by the way you can click on the picture to make it bigger.

So, part one:

What species does this foot belong to?

And, part two:

What is special about this foot?

Good luck. I will post all the answers tomorrow night as I have switched on the comments approval function so no-one gives it away too soon.

And the answer is:

The foot in the picture above belongs to this amazing Nightjar I was lucky enough to see in Portugal this year.

What is special about this foot is the comb you can see on the middle toe.  The Nightjar uses this comb to remove any debris from the whiskers you can see round the beak.  The whiskers are used to funnel food into the mouth and help protect it's eyes. Isn't evolution brilliant!

Well done to Professor David Norman for getting the answer totally right.


  1. It looks like a Nightjar - although which species of the family I'm not sure - with the 'comb' that they use to preen and clean away bits of insect from their mouths.

  2. Oh wow, I would not have a clue except that is a bird? I will have to wait for the answer. Enjoy your day!

  3. A difficult one Findlay which asks the question "How closely do we look at birds".? As to the answer I'm not sure but it seems to be Anisodactyl?

  4. Fascinating. You have a lovely blog.

  5. OK, I reckon it's a raptor...or maybe an Owl but you got earth on your finger so a ground nester perhaps..Hen Harrier, which would make it very special

    1. Weirdest bird ever, glad to see I'm up to my usual standard on your questions lol

  6. Hmmm... I wonder ... Couldn't give it away even if you hadnt switched!

  7. This was an interesting exercise! Pretty nightjar! Glad to see his foot up close!

  8. Portugal - dohhhh, recognised the comb but didn't twig the species.

  9. Well I would never have known that Finlay but very interesting. Thanks for sharing