Monday, 21 December 2015

Good Question 28 - Who Said What in 2015?

Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone who has had a go at the quizzes this year.

It is the last Quiz Night Tuesday of 2015 (so I am posting it a bit earlier than normal), and for today's quiz you need to match up the following quotes from 2015 with the people who said them.  So all you have to do is match the quote number with the correct person letter. Good luck. I will post the answers on Christmas Eve. I have switched on comments approval on so you can't be influenced by each other. I will post all you answers on Christmas Eve as well.

The is now closed, so here are the answers of who said what and when.

Well done to the winner, Keith (Holding Moments) and thanks to everyone who had a go.


1.  There's no such thing as bad publicity
G. RSPB chief executive Mike Clarke speaking at Hen Harrier Eve 2015

2.  What I'm discussing is a barbecue on a different scale. Fire is raging across the 5000km length of Indonesia
E. George Monbiot  - Guardian column 30th October 2015

3.  From my point of view, re-wilding Britain represents a real, brave, imaginative and intelligent solution to so many of our problems
D. Chris Packham – Rewilding Britain online magazine 22 Jul 2015

4.  England has a diverse range of habitats resulting in a wonderfully rich and varied wildlife
J. Director BTO Andy Clements – Report on how to improve Natura 2000 sites – 21 May 2015

5.  This is a scandal, the scientific process appears to have been deliberately manipulated to agree with the environment secretary's views
A. Chief Executive of Buglife Matt Shardlow – New Scientist – Neonicotinoids -  27 March 2015

6.  I'm not going to drop my opposition to the badger cull because of the NFU
H. Kerry McCarthy shadow Environment minister – Bristol Post September 2015

7.  Have courage in your decision making to think 500 years ahead not just 5 years ahead. Do what you know is right.
I. Findlay Wilde - teenager

8.  All this is, is a minor technical amendment allowing the exemptions which already allow hunting with two hounds to be extended to conditions very similar to Scotland
B. Former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson – SKY  NEWS  with Dermot Murnaghan and Dr Brian May debating the watering down of the Fox Hunting ban – 12 July 2015

9.  This review shows the gruesome extent to which birds are being killed illegally in the Mediterranean. Populations of some species that were once abundant in Europe are declining, with a number even in free fall and disappearing altogether
K. Patricia Zurita Ceo of Birdlife International  - The Guardian 21 August 2015

10.  Earth, the most beautiful and life filled planet we know- why are we vandalising it?
F. Mark Avery – blog – January 7th 2015

11.  Conservationists say there is no ecological reason for this wipeout – no habitat loss, no food shortages, no killer disease – only a conflict of interest between a lucrative business and one of our most impressive predators.
M. Patrick Barkham – The Guardian 13 January 2015

12.  Which is the most important: nature conservation or renewable energy?
C. Peter Marren – Guest blog on Mark Avery's blog 26 January 2015

13.  We’re not running out of hedgehogs because we flatten them. We’re running out because we’ve taken away their livelihood, their food, their commuting routes, their foraging grounds and their residences.
L. Simon Barnes – The Spectator 3rd October 2015


A. Matt Shardlow - CEO Buglife
B. Owen Paterson - Former Environment Secretary
C. Peter Marren - Wildlife writer 
D. Chris Packham - Naturalist and broadcaster
E. George Monbiot - Writer
F. Mark Avery - Bird Watch Magazine's Blogger of the Year
G. Mike Clarke - CEO of RSPB
H. Kerry McCarthy - Shadow Environment Minister
I. Findlay Wilde - teenager
J. Any Clements - Director of BTO
K. Patricia Zurita - CEO Birdlife International
L. Simon Barnes - Journalist and author
M. Patrick Barkham - Natural History Writer for The Guardian


  1. I really enjoyed doing this Findlay ....... excellent.
    Got the brain matter thinking.
    OK, here's my effort ...
    1 --- J
    2 --- M
    3 --- G

  2. Oooops hadn't finished lol
    Sorry, I'll carry on

    4 --- A
    5 --- H
    6 --- D
    7 --- I
    8 --- B
    9 --- K
    10 -- C
    11 -- F
    12 -- E
    13 -- L

    1. 4 out of 13. Thank you so much for having a go.

  3. 1&D,2&M,3&E,4&I,5&H,6&C,7&F,8&?,9&K,10&M,11&L,12&B,13&B

  4. A5 B8 C4 D9 E3 F11 G13 H12 I7 J10 K2 L1 M6
    Happy Christmas!

    1. 3 out of 13, and you didn't get Mark's right, but we don't need to tell him :)