Sunday, 16 September 2012

7000 Pairs of Pink Feet!

When I arrived at Martin Mere today I visited  the Focus bins shop and the helpful man in there told me that about 7000 Pink Footed and Greylag Geese had arrived for the Winter.  However, alot more are still expected, so I'm back again in October.

When they all took off in a group it looked incredibe. This is just half of a half of how many Geese there were in the air. 

You can always see how big and muscular their wings are when they have a standing flap.

Here are a pair of Pink Footed Geese coming in to land. 

And more Pink footed geese

There ws quite a few Snipe out on the pools today, but kept hiding whenever I got the camera out.

This picture proves how many geese there were. This was just a small flock of them.

There was a young female Pheasant hanging around the bird feeders near a smaller pool.

 I also saw a Marsh Harrier and a Peregrine Falcon, but couldn't get picture because the Marsh Harrier was to quick and the post the Peregrine was sitting on was to far away to get a decent shot.

A totally brilliant rainy day! So it has to be my very Wild Bird Wednesday blog.


  1. Bonitas fotos de los Gansos de pata rosa,debe de ser un espectaculo ver tantos juntos.Saludos

    1. Hola, it was very spectacular indeed, I'm going again in October

  2. I bet it was VERY noisy when they all took off in to the air, wasn't it.

  3. i love birds and i totally enjoyed your photos!
    i just want more!
    nice blog too.

    have a great week ahead.

  4. It looked and sounded like a lovely day Findlay, a shame it was rainy though. I love seeing geese all together like that and I also love the noise they make, there's nothing quite like it.

    A most enjoyable post and lovely photos.

  5. Hearing and seeing so many geese are an amazing sight. Great sighting of all the birds. I enjoyed your post and photos.

  6. What a wonderful sight and your pictures are so clear. I love geese ... I love their culture. They are a good socially responsible species. Thank you for the photos, I really enjoyed them.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  7. i'd love to see a huge flock like that - i usually just see them flying overhead.

  8. Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. Good to experience the sight and sound of all those pinkies Findlay. Re counting: learn to count in blocks of birds 10s, 20s, 50s, 100s etc and compare your counts with how it "feels" - it's not an exact science but it's reasonably accurate with practice.

  10. wow...that's a lot of feet!!!!

    Oh, I know just what you're saying about birds being 'too quick' or too far away. But, at least we get to spot a certain bird and log it to our 'found' list.

  11. Nice photos, it is perfect for WBW!

  12. Great to see the Pink Feet back. I am thinking of taking a look myself at the weekend. Lovley shots.

  13. You may have missed the falcon and harrier but you captured many others. Bravo!

  14. We have a lot of greylag goose too. What I like best about them is to see tehm from behind when they take off. They have a nice pattern and are quite beautiful then.

  15. Hi there - nice set of pictures - I miss big flocks of geese like that - we dont get them here.

    If standing on one leg keeps the birds warm, it would make sense that these birds were on two - it was very hot! It was almost 40 C when I was in Dubai - which is hot by anybodies measure.

    Thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - AUstralia

  16. How exciting to see such a large flock! Great captures.

  17. I must have a trip up to Martin Mere soon myself Findlay...the Whooper Swans will be in big numbers quite soon.