Friday, 21 September 2012

Another New Furry Visitor

When I got home from school there was a furry rodent that I have never seen in the garden before, and it stayed for a long, long while. I have heard from Andrew of how much damage they can course so hopefully it's the last time it visits.

The squirrel eventually moved on to my next door neighbours garden.

Then came back to mine which it probaly prefered the most. It was looking at my feeders.

The numbers with the Sparrows in the garden is still great, the highest I have ever counted is 47 (thats just in the tree).

I have counted 49 in the hedge. These friendly birds high up in the hedge are for Sky Watch Friday.

It's been a great week, as on Wednesday I really enjoyed a walk to the Weaver with Kirsty and Emma from chesire life.  They didn't want to go in my last blog with the rat.


  1. Charles.R.Stubbs has given you a positive answer to you Pied/White Wagtail ID query on 'Chatterbirds' Findlay.

    Keep up the good work, and your interest in the birds, it'll grown on you.

    Regards Pete.

    1. It was a White Wagtail, thanks for making me check it out. I have added it to my garden bird list now as it feeds in the field and drinks in my garden.

  2. Wonderful. Have fun. It's exciting stuff. All of it. Including Mr. Squirrel:)

  3. Love that second pic of the squirrel:) Great shot.
    I wouldn't want to go on the same post with a rat either!

  4. I am not too crazy over squirrels visiting my bird feeders. They just take over everything. They are cute little critter though! Love the sparrows, great shots. Happy Birding!

  5. I hope that squirrel decides to move on Findlay, they can be very destructive.
    Good to see you are getting so many House Sparrows visiting; and making plenty of new friends.

  6. I hope the squrrel doesn't stay long enough to destroy your feeders Findlay... they are quite comical to watch though.

  7. Squirrels can chew through your feeders. I hang the feeders on the washing line and put old plastic lemonade bottles either side :) its great to watch the squirrels go spinning off the line as they cant grip . Great blog