Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Garden Favourites

I have finally succeded in getting a good picture of a Coal Tit (one of my favourite garden birds). I love there black and white head.

It's not a very good picture but I this is the first Robin I've seen it in a while.

And the Blue Tits I get in my garden are thriving. I'm getting about 5 on the nut feeders at a time.

And Andrew, there has been a rat in the garden too. I wonder if it's the one that you had.

He's not been back though since his first visit.


  1. You're certainly getting a variety of visitors Findlay.

    1. Your back, how was Wales. From Findlay. I have missed your blogs.

  2. Bonitas fotos,el Petirrojo es mi preferida en mi comedero.Saludos

  3. Coal tits one of my favourites as well - I've had one in the garden over the past few days - a real cutie he is too

  4. Lovely shot of the Coal Tit Findlay...
    I haven't seen the rat that visited my garden that morning so hopefully it was just passing through.