Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Good Question

I have thought it would be nice that every Tuesday we could have a quiz night just for a bit of weekly fun, due to Scouse Ringer giving me a question every week. I thought it would be nice to have a bit of a quiz night.

So tonight's Tuesday night quiz question is:

In Britain a Cuckoo has 3 main host species of bird that they use for raising their young, what are the 3 species? 

See if you can have a go without using google. I will post the answer tomorrow night.


  1. Great idea Findlay.
    I'll guess at Dunnock, Reed Warbler, and the third I'm struggling with.
    A shot in the dark; Wren.

  2. Dunnock, Reed Warbler and one that begins with M (I hope) - trying not to give the game away.

    Keep up the excellent work Finn



  3. Dunnock, Reed Warbler and Meadow Pipit.

  4. Daveyman and Josie are spot on Findlay....Dunnock, reed Warbler, Meadow Pipit.

  5. Mallard, Kingfisher and Goldcrest.

    Job done!

    Next question please!

  6. I think your 'ringer' didn't like the sound of three of us knowing the answer Findlay....perhaps some thing a little more challenging next Tuesday!

  7. The Good Question answer is Meadow Pipit, Dunnock and Reed Warbler - thank you for taking part and well done to those who got it right. Next Tuesday's will be trickier.

    Scouse Ringer, I'd love to see a Goldcrest sitting on a Cuckoo egg.

    Grandpa, thank you for your email, Do-Do was not one of the answers!