Saturday, 2 February 2013

Fox Prints in the Snow

The snowy weather has finally stopped; fortunate for some unfortunate for others, like my dog (Jura) the animal in the house that goes crazy about snow.

As you can see he loves it! However Jura, it will be another year before you have a chance to play in the snow.

I wasn't just having snow ball fights when it snowed, in fact I spent a whole afternoon tracking foxes foot prints and succeeded by finding about 6 holes in the fence along side the second field! I could clearly see the tracks where the fox comes in and out of the field.

I now know exactly where to put the camera, and thankfully my detective work has payed off.  I managed to get a great fox picture on my trail cam, which made a nice change from cats.


  1. Your tracking skills certainly paid off Findlay, that's a cracking image of the Fox.

    We could still get a lot more snow before the winter is over Findlay, there might be some more 'play days' for Jura yet!...[;o)

  2. i like your happy snow pup. and good job on finding the fox lairs.

  3. It seems it's not only my dog that goes loopy in the snow,looks like it was having fun. Well done on the fox, positioned the camera perfectly.

  4. yes, the Fox image is excellent and well done with your fieldcraft Findlay.

    The Fox's persecution is a sad indictment of those who engage in it.

  5. Great to see Jura enjoying the snow. Nothing better than a happy dog. :-)
    Well done with capturing the fox on camera too.
    I only manage to get cats these days :-(

  6. I can see that Jura really loves the snow. Well done in finding those foxes. In these parts it makes sense to make the most of it whilst you can. As soon as the farmer finds them, they're gone - it's the same with badgers!

  7. Great shot of the Fox Findlay and hope you get some more results following your tracking.