Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Good Question 2

It's Tuesday Night Quiz night again.

Tonight's question is:

How many different names are there for the bird pictured below and what are they? 

I will post the answers tomorrow evening.

In the mean time I'm going to try and complete scouse ringers challenge! 

06.02.13 And the answer is:

The question I asked above was because of something I read in The Bumper Book of Nature by Stephen Moss (which a very, very nice lady called Lucy McRoberts gave to me).

The names I came up with are:

Mistle Thrush
Turdus Viscivorus
Holm Thrush
Storm Cock
Thrice Thrush
Screech Thrush

Peter W - There probably are more names, and I hope you all learnt something looking for them
Scouse Ringer - must try harder.
Richard - your names could be for any birds, so no they don't count, but nice try.
Grandpa - thank you for emailing your welsh name
Tex - thanks for trying
Tom - it was a Mistle not a Song Thrush, but good try.
Phil - maybe next weeks question could be name all the bands with bird names in them.
Daveyman - lots of good guesses, well tried.
Douglas - we got a few of the same ones
Stewart - I never found that one.

Same time next week everyone!


  1. that is a beautiful spotted bird! thrush of some sort, i'm assuming! fieldfare?

  2. Mavis and Throstle are the only ones iv'e heard of although there's probably more (song thrush)

  3. Hi Findlay. Well I've heard of missel thrush and storm cock but can't think of any more. Mistle thrush was a female-fronted 1990s alternative rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts but I guess that's not quite what you're after?

  4. I think I'll scrap mavis and add Storm-cock, may well be more



  5. My contribution to the alternative names for the Mistle Thrush are....

    Missel Thrush
    Holm Thrush

  6. Never of Holm thrush Pete - anything to do with ivy and berries?


  7. Hehehe just seen your 'foreign language' tweet - sneaky huh - forgot all about that one - well done



  8. Missel Thrush,Stormcock and Mistletoe eater, last one going on the translation of the scientific name in other words a guess.

  9. This 'Tuesday Quiz' may get a bit silly Findlay. I just found 18 alternatives to the Mistle Thrush, 15 of which I never heard of. It'll be interesting to see you answers on this one, and where you got them from.

    By the way D/M, if the 'foreign language tweet' is directed at me I'm completely lost on that one.

  10. Hi Findlay. Do the names that I called the one that appeared in my garden as a 'lifer' last month count? They include "hang on a minute", "you little darling" and "what a cracker", and probably a few others!

  11. Finn,

    As usual, I have all the correct answers. There are five names for the humble Turdus viscivorus other than Mistle Thrush, they are as follows:
    Derek (also known as Degsy)
    and Denzel.

    Mistle Thrushes are well known for being Scouse....and having apparent gender-identity issues.

    Good work on the Scouse Ringer Challenge!