Monday, 25 February 2013

Green, Gold and Red

Yesterday I went for a ringing session with Peter, Pete, and Dan. I was really glad to be back with Scouse Ringer and hear about his trip to Portugal, and he explained to me about the Yarelli sub species.

One of the first birds out of the nets was a male Bullfinch, Moxey fished this one out, whilst me, my dad, Peter and Dan went to check the rest of the nets. 


I hadn't been to Kings Moss for a while, so I really enjoyed holding the Greenfinches, probably one of my favorite birds of the day! I was allowed to take quite a few birds out of the bags yesterday, however when I got the bird out of the bag I had a few peck marks on me.

On this Greenfinch, Peter was explaining to me how to know if it is a young or adult bird, male or female.

I got to ring a few birds yesterday as well, all this experience is making me much more confident in handling and ringing the birds. The next picture shows me closing the ring on a Greenfinch.

We caught a female Goldcrest in the mist-net, a first for me at Kings Moss. 

As the morning came to a close, a good amount of Long Tailed Tits came into the net, (my dad's favorite).

Red Polls also came to the net in a reasonable size, they males are absolutely astonishing, as shown in the picture.

Me and Dan were comparing the two Robins we caught, to see if they were juveniles or adults.

I am surprised that the Robin didn't get feisty. 

My first ever Reed Bunting was in my hand yesterday, you can see it's a male because you can see the white collar.  

And to finish the day off a stunning Yellow Hammer (another one of my dads favorites).

And before I finish this blog I just want to say thank you to Peter who lets me come out ringing and my dad who takes me.


  1. Excellent selection of birds there Findlay - you're learning lots, and just as importantly teaching us oldies loads too.

    Keep at it



  2. a very nice selection of birds again!

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with us Findlay. There's plenty that you can teach us old'uns - it's just remembering it all is a problem for me!!!

  4. Joining in on the banding is a great learning experience! Loved the photos, really cool!

  5. Another great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. Wonderful photography of birds for OWT ^_^

  7. Great selection of birds.Have a great day!


  8. Great post Findlay. You're certainly gaining a lot of knowledge and experience.

  9. Brilliant stuff Findlay, a superb learning experience

  10. It's great to see you ringing birds Findlay and you saw some real beauties... fantastic images.

  11. You're getting to handle some great birds now Finlay.
    An excellent, and informative post, thanks for sharing...[;o)

  12. Great serie of photos!
    Nice to study your work!

  13. Nice variety of birds and a wonderful experience to see them up close like that.

  14. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience! Something I can only imagine through reading. Great pictures of these little charmers too.

  15. Wonderful series!

  16. Great set of pictures. Birds in the hand are always splendid to see - I did my first ever ringing in Gateshead - which is a bit different to Australia!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  17. Very nice job Findlay. Enjoy the birds and this coming weekend~