Saturday, 23 February 2013

Introduction To The New feeding Station

Today I want to tell you all about a feeding station I put up in my local patch I couple of weeks ago, I'll be telling you more about this over the next few weeks but I really hope it is going to be something special.  The friendly farmer who lives not to far away gave us special permission to put up the feeders in one of his private woods. As we approached the feeders today there was a Buzzard getting mobbed by crows.

I got some great footage from a female Sparrow Hawk today, I don't see where she came from, but I suddenly caught a glimpse of her grabbing a Starling. The Starling had joined a Fieldfare and Redwing flock, so I am just glad it didn't catch the the Fieldfare or Redwing. As soon as the Sparrowhawk had caught the Starling, the crows started mobbing the Sparrowhawk.

 You have to go along side a train track to get to the feeders, which gives me a view of a collection of holes which I am pretty sure is a badger sett.

I have put the feeders in a very good place. The feeding station itself is in the canopy of the trees at the top of a steep valley. Beside the feeders there are several dead trees that tower above the feeders, which are really good for woodpeckers. I am doing a special project on Great Spotted Woodpeckers, however Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers have been seen here, so in time I hope I manage to see one on my feeder. But more on Operation Woodpecker coming soon.                                      

The birds love the feeders already. There are a lot of Great Tits about, in fact at the moment, I would say there were more Great Tits than Blue Tits.

Today was really about putting all three of my nest boxes up, next time I come (probably tomorrow after ringing) I should really put some more cover on them.

 I wasn't tall enough to put the boxes up, so my dad gave me a helping hand of putting them up for me. Although he did slip and fall and roll done the bank. Mum walked away so dad didn't see her laughing.

The wood seems to be full of Long Tailed Tits, they absolutely adore the nut feeders.

Lovely little birds to watch...

What an end to a busy but brilliant day!


  1. love the long-tailed! so cute. and laughing at heather laughing at your dad. :)

  2. I think your done a great job with these feeders and nest boxes, fingers crossed , you should get some lodgers.


  3. I like the sparrowhawk showing the classic shielding it's catch/prey pose not well enough judging from the attention of the crow. That does look like a Badger sett, perhaps (if it isn't already) make it wet and muddy and see what paw prints turn up, it could be a fox den too

  4. I agree with Peter, a great job you're doing with the feeders and nest boxes; with some help from your Dad. (naughty Mum for laughing lol)
    Good of the farmer too, to let you use his wood.

  5. It's a great idea to set up the feeding station and nest boxes Findlay, it will be interesting to see the results as the year goes on.
    It would be good to set up the trail cam in front of those holes to see what 'pops out'!...I'll have a guess that it's Rabbits!!....[;o)

  6. Good luck with the nest boxes Findlay and keep us all updated on what you see on the feeders.

  7. keep the feed going out and you will be rewarded, you are doing a great thing, and big thumbs up to the farmer. Been photographing GSW's and LTT's in the garden this morning, just posted them!

  8. Sorry Findlay. I thought that i'd commented on this post, but now see I hadn't!

    How enterprising of you to set up a feeding station in woodland. I hope that it pays off with the woodpeckers. I'm sure you'll let us know if you get a Lesser Spotted. It's been a few years since I've seen one. Wonderful little birds!

  9. Good luck with your feeding station Findlay. You may get Siskins and Lesser Redpolls soon if you use a niger feeder.