Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Good Question 4

It's Tuesday night Quiz night again already.

Tonight I have switched on the comments moderating thing, so all your answers will be show at the same time later on tonight!

What nasty substance (harmful to birds) commonly occurs on peanuts that have been stored for too long?

All your answers and the correct answer will be posted at 8:30pm


And the answer I was looking for is Aflatoxins which are caused by Aspergillus flavus fungi.

Thank you to Grandpa Peter for also pointing out that Aflatoxin is dangerous to humans too, and some forms of it can be absorbed though the skin.


  1. I was waiting for the answers on that one Findlay, had me stumped, well done. Personally I hate peanuts for birds it was a personal thing but now I have a reason, I did read after the answer was posted there was a case when Greenfinches were being poisoned in this way from peoples bird feeders (1970's-1980's).