Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Good Question 8

It's Tuesday Night Quiz Night

It's Easter this weekend and I plan to eat loads of chocolate eggs. But can you tell me, which bird do these eggs belong to:

Answer will be posted tomorrow night, good luck. Hope I get some egg-cellent answers.

And the answer is:

Chiff Chaff eggs.


  1. I have to confess a weakness here and say the only eggs I've ever seen are chickens,ostrich and redshank, the last because a Lapwing stole it and dropped it into the water...so I'm going to guess at Blackbird?

  2. Now I'm wondering Findlay, could those eggs be from the Lesser-spotted Cadbury or maybe the Great Crested Nestle?

    On second thoughts...I'm guessing now! are they Blue Tit eggs?

    Go steady with the chocolate Findlay, you don't want to end up feeling icky!!...[;o)

  3. Hi Findlay :-) I'm no good at all on egg identification but will take a random guess at a Robin although I thought they had more of a blue hue so it really is just a guess.