Monday, 25 March 2013

Weekend Round Up

A Jay in the garden, what a fantastic way to kick the weekend off, this one probably visited due to the snowy weather. I have not seen one in the garden for about a week, so it was quite a treat. 

After the Jay visited it was time for my football final against Sandbach United, they are quite a tough team so we did well to draw (1-1) all the way up to full time.

Unfortunately we lost this final 3-1 (we still got a medal) but our coach was pleased and felt that we all gave it 100%. This isn't the end anyway because we will be back for them at the league final at the end of April.

A third exciting event was visiting my feeding station. I did go on Saturday to put up my remote camera to try and capture a Badger but failed due to it loosing it's battery because of the snow and movement of the trees; however on the good side, bird numbers were high and great. My first singing Chiff Chaff of the year was hiding in the dense bushes so we could not get a picture.

We went for an explore through the rest of the woodland and I think I might of found my pair of woodpeckers nest; it doesn't end there, as about 500mm above this hole there was another hole about the size of a 50p coin, so I might be in with a chance of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.

There was plenty of big fungus, this one was about at least twice the size of my hand.

As I said there was plenty.

And last,but no where near least, my brother Harley had a guitar exam to try and achieve his grade one. You had to at least get 65 marks to pass and my brother got 85, so I am so proud of him (Dominos for tea).

I did miss being out with Scouse Ringer (and the table) though.

Tune in tomorrow for Quiz Night Tuesday.


  1. oh, congrats to harley! and i love your pretty jay! great photo!

  2. Harley looks like the re-birth of HANK MARVIN and - according to his 85 - sounds like he's going to be able to play the guitar like him one which case this boys going places!

  3. Wow! Findlay, I'm envious that you're getting a Jay visiting your garden, and you managed to get a great shot of it as well.
    Shame about the football result, but you know where their weak spots are now so hopefully you'll be able to thrash them next time!
    I hope you find those Woodpeckers that your looking for.

    And a big well done to Harley, what a star!...[;o)

  4. Pete's right Harley does look like Hank Marvin :)Shame about the footie result just get them next time Findlay. Great image of the Jay too

  5. HI Findlay...Like seeing you play your Football game, my Grandson plays the same game,but we call it Soccer here!!
    He had a play off games this past weekend too!! The score was 1-1 game and he made the only score for his team!!
    That is a great shot of the jay,and nice big fungus!
    Guess you had a busy weekend!!
    Good for Harley for the great job with the score!

  6. Great Blogging, hard luck in the football, congratulations for getting to the final!

  7. Hi Findlay, great shot of the Jay. It is ages since I saw one and have never had one in the garden! Good to see you enjoying your football but a shame you didn't win this time. Well done on the Chiffchaff, I haven't heard one yet this year but we do have snow on the ground again here.

    Very well done to Harley too. I can see he is going to be the new Eric Clapton. The Wilde brothers have great futures ahead!

  8. Great photo of the Jay and you had an interesting week-end.

  9. Well if you get a Lesser Spotted 'pecker Findlay you might have to set up a turnstile and charge for entry just like a footie match and maybe bigger crowds.

  10. Great photo of the jay!
    Well done!

  11. Great post, Findlay! Love the Jay shot! Sorry about your Football results. Congrats on the team still getting a medal. And Congrats to your brother, he did great!

    Happy Birding!

  12. So sorry to hear the match didn't go your way Findlay but at least you have the chance to put it right before the seasons over.
    I also have never seen a Jay in my garden so I am a bit jealous of yours.

    Please tell Harley I am very impressed that he passed his guitar exam... ever thought about taking up playing the drums.
    Mum and Dad would love that... lol.

  13. The Jay is just beautiful (we have jays, but none this lovely). Lots of busy and fun times around your house; glad you could make time to share with us!

  14. Another great post, Findlay. Thank you!
    Your Jay photo is superb!
    I hope you find the woodpeckers who made the holes.
    Good luck on your next football meeting and congratulations to Harley.

    - Have a good birding week!
    -- Wally (Florida)

  15. Lovely stuff mate, no time for footy now.... spring is nearly here :)

  16. Nice post - if you stay a birder all your life you will be asked more questions about this "strange pink bird" than any other.

    Not a good week (end) for football - 1:1 in Montenegro as well!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne

  17. Sounds like it was a brilliant weekend, Findlay, even if you didn't beat Sandbach. I've never seen a Jay in our garden and I'm very envious of you having one visiting you.

    Hoping that you find that the smaller hole is a L-s Woody.

    Congratulations to Harley on sailing through his guitar exam. Is this another Wilde star in the making? I've always wanted a Strat, but never learned to play a guitar even though I've been in several bands over the last 48 years!

    All this excitement must have surely made up for a weekend without ringing - and there's always another weekend!

    Best wishes for some excellent birding experiences.


  18. Beautiful colours on the jay. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  19. This kind of bird I believe I have seen twice in my life. First time many years ago, and next was only a year or two ago.
    We call this one 'nøtteskrike' which means something like nutscreamer.

  20. Great post Findlay! Congratulations to your brother also.

  21. I love that you are so happy for the achievement of your little brother. That will always be a very special thing in your future years...encouraging one another. At least you gave it your best in soccer, and there is always the coming season too. Your Jay is all of the species of Jays! We have some large fungi growing on the trees on my 2 acres too. Happy Easter season~