Monday, 18 March 2013

My First (two) Tree Sparrows!

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! yesterday I had a really early start (4:15am to be exact). As the mornings get lighter Ringing gets earlier and earlier, which means I have to have some really early bedtimes.

 As soon as all my gear was ready, I was off in the car all the way to one of our ringing sites (but dad does make me breakfast for on the way to keep me going).  We arrived just before Scouse Ringer Peter did and were looking for the Barn Owl that we see sometimes. 

When we had put the nets up, we were eager to go and check them to see whether or not the big flock/mixture of birds had stuck around from the week before.  As we started the net round things were looking good with 12 birds from station 1, and 12 from station 2. 

We arrived back at where we had set up the equipment, we caught several Brambling, as well as the Snowling that we caught last week. 

I asked if there had been any Tree Sparrows ringed at this site, however Peter said that there hadn't and if there were any there, they would have discovered them by now; but guess what, yesterday two turned up.

 And I got to ring the first Tree Sparrow ever rung at this site. (Peter got too ring the second one). Just look at that lovely milk chocolatey head.

There were no Blackcap yet, but it is a little early, so I am looking forward to seeing them maybe next time! However the Tree Sparrows more than made my day.

Some other great birds ringed today were this lovely Song Thrush.

A stunning male Yellow Hammer.

Just look how bright the head feathers are.

A regular favourite now, the tiny Goldcrest.

And a very handsome Dunnock.

We ringed an amazing 19 Brambling in this session.

Thanks again Peter and of course Pete I have had a wonderful day.

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  1. Great to see those Tree Sparrows Findlay. A bird I used to a lot of when I was your age.

  2. really nice bunch of birds, again!

  3. You definitely deserved the Tree Sparrows for that 4:15am start Findlay!! Well done, you saw some great birds. I don't see Tree Sparrows very often and never as closely as you did :-)

  4. Wow that yellow is spectacular. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Splendid set of birds - Tree (and house) Sparrows have been introduced here - there is a cafe I go to where the Tree Sparrows come and eat the crumbs off the tables! I could not believe it the first time I saw it!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS. The seals do look very relaxed!

  6. Treasure those Tree Sparrows Findlay! They seem to be getting more sparse all the time in these parts!

    Not sure I could manage early starts like this with any regularity - especially when it's cold and frosty! Well done you!

  7. Another excellent selection of birds there Findlay and great news that you got some Tree Sparrows.

    4.15AM!!!??? Where about is that on the clock then?...[;o)

  8. A great selection of birds there Findlay. Interesting that you too are catching lots of stunning Bramblings - enjoy them while you can.

  9. Great bird photos. Good on you for the early start - that's the best time for birds around here too!

  10. Nice to study the details in your photos

  11. Findlay, great collection of birds there for you to ring. The Yellowhammer is a beauty!

  12. I love the little Goldcrest but rarely see it.

  13. Hi I'm Gemma we met today when I was helping Roy this morning and your dad gave me a wristband... This blog is amazing, some absolutely stunning pictures! I think I could learn a few tips from you, I recently started one of my own I hope I can get it to this standard, I'm sure you're very proud:)