Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Good Question 7

It's Tuesday Night Quiz Night
And tonight's challenge is:
Put these things in order of how much they weigh - heaviest to lightest:
2 pence coin
Single bag of McCoy Cheese & Onion Crisps (from a multi pack) - uneaten!
One Jaffa cake
I will post the answer later, good luck!

And the answer is...........

Bag of McCoys - 32g
One jaffa cake - 12g
2 pence coin - 7.12g
Goldcrest - 4 to 6g on average

Well done to everyone who got it right and thanks for having a go.


  1. Bag of Crisps, Jaffa Cake, 2p & Goldcrest big guess. Good Q

  2. In order of heaviness I'll guess the crisps, the Jaffa cake, the coin and the one I'm most confident about as the lightest is the Goldcrest. You do come up with some great questions Findlay :-)

  3. Good challenge Findlay! After going out and buying the McCOYS and the JAFFA CAKE I've spent all my money and now don't have a 2 PENCE COIN to my name and it's now so dark I can't find a GOLDCREST anywhere!!...[;o)

  4. Crisps,Jaffa Cake,2pence then Goldcrest

  5. I see your mate 'Scouse Ringer Peter' featured on television this early evening Findlay, but I only saw his name come up on the screen as our telephone rang in the hall, but I do know the story line involved animals.

  6. My guess is that the Goldcrest is the lightest... not too sure about the rest. Good luck for Sunday.

  7. Well it's official the world will end now I got a question right, but saying that I seem to know more about crisps and jaffa cakes then birds:)

  8. Hi Finn - just seen your comments on Mark Avery's blog.

    Ask your school if they can invite my mate to come and talk to you about raptors, or mustelids and foxes or anything else. Contact him via here http://hesitantweasel.wordpress.com/ He lives and works not far from you and is a brilliant speaker. He's off in the Forest of Dean looking for Wild Boars this week but I'm sure would help you after the Easter holidays if he can.



    PS don't forget EarthHour tonight, I hope your school has turned everything off too - it should have if it's an Eco School!