Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Barn Owl Encounter

Over the last weekend I was lucky to have an opportunity to ring some Barn Owls with Scouse Ringer, Moxey, Dad and Danny. This year it has been very wet, which has reduced a lot of mammal activity, which means a lot of breeding pairs of Barn Owls can't of got enough food to feed their chicks. 

Barn Owls have one ear higher than the other so it can hear at two different points to pin point their prey (it's called triangulation).

This species of owl is absolutely beautiful... Well the adults at least..

This pair of Barn Owls has three chicks (the third isn't in the picture) they were born two days apart and are doing really well. I ringed the smallest of the the trio.

Whilst I was at the farm we also ringed a few Swallows, I have had some experience at nest recording Swallows, so I was used to the atmosphere of what is was like.

Two awesome species living in barns.


  1. You sure get to handle some beautiful birds Findlay, non more so than these stunning Barn Owls and Swallows...[;o)

  2. wow! those owls are SO cool!

  3. Hi Findlay...Wow I haven't had a chance to even see very few let alone hold one. How exciting!!
    The adults sure are beautiful, but the babies need some growing to do!!

  4. Preciosa la Lechuza.Un abrazo

  5. you are a very lucky boy.


  6. Great work! I've been searching all year for Barn Owls in my local area but no luck so far.
    I really enjoy your posts!

  7. Great work Findlay, how are the swallows doing in your region in terms of brood size?

    1. The Swallow broods are quite a lot lower than last year. I will check with Alan about the actual brood sizes.

  8. Just catching up with my favourite blogs Findlay. Missed this post at the time.

    What a wonderful experience and a true privilege it must have been, ringing the Barn Owls. They are wonderful birds!