Thursday, 11 July 2013

My First Go At Moth Trapping

On Tuesday my moth trap was ready to go at long last so we decided to set it up and pot some of the moths we caught in the morning. I got some very good results because it was quite a warm night. In the picture below, the first moth I identified was called Bird's Wing - how appropriate is that!

 Out of all the moths we caught (at least 50 species) this wonderful Garden Tiger had to be my favorite. It was the third moth we processed, and I have to say it was pretty well behaved as in it didn't fly away or flap about. Sadly this type of moth has declined by 92% since the 1960s so it is becoming scarce - however there has to be an answer to why this is happening so I would like to hear what you bloggers think.

We also caught some very big Buff Tip moths, they look just like a silver birch twig. 

I was the one writing down the species and identifying them.

However I couldn't quite identify this one, so I would really like your suggestions on this moth really badly!!!

I really did enjoy identifying the moths; my mum and dad, well actually all the family had such a good night photographing and working them all out.

Here are some of the moths I caught:

Angle Shades

Burnished Brass

Buff Ermine... I think

The amazing Elephant Hawk moth.

The biggest moth we caught was the Poplar Hawk Moth.

And well, I couldn't quite identify this one, but it looks a bit like a Gremlin!

Wilde About Birds (and moths)!

Thank you to Mike Shurmer for his moth help.


  1. Looks like your first attempt was highly productive. Like all the images but the Buff Tip is really curious looking species so is my favourite:)

  2. they're really gorgeous and you got a great variety!

    i like your t-shirt, too. :)

  3. Hi Findlay, welcome to the amazing world of moths. Your mystery one is the Beautiful Hook-tip, always a favourite of mine. And Bird's Wing is a great one for your first! My first ever identified moth was an Elephant Hawk-moth that flew into a bathroom window and dived headfirst into the sink while I was brushing my teeth. I've never looked back!

  4. Oh, and the head-on one I'm not sure about, from this view! If I had to place a bet, I'd go for Willow Beauty

  5. A super catch Findlay and some stunning specimens, it looks as though the whole family had a great time?...[;o)

  6. Well informative post about moth. written well and interesting.

  7. Brilliant Findlay! How did you get all those moths? How did your moth trap work?