Sunday, 7 July 2013

Fledged Robins, Toads and Litter!

A very early start for me it was on Saturday morning (in fact I got up at 2:00 am). I was at a new site called Fullwood, and it impressed me quite a bit, in fact we caught nearly 70 birds, so I got to ring quite a few; and that included Wrens, White Throats, Robins, Blackcaps, Blackbirds, Great Tits, Sedge Warblers and a few others!

However even though we caught quite a few good birds, it wasn't all good news for me; unfortunately I was  eye suffering with hay fever and I could barely see. As you can see in this picture my eyes are just about open (I have got a Wren in my hand). I am going to get some special goggles for next time.

We caught quite a few juvenile birds that day, for instance this Robin had probably left the nest a week ago or so. 

One of our nets was by a canal that was absolutely filled with litter however the adult Coots seemed to have strong healthy chicks, the canal even produced a Kingfisher for us!

It wasn't just birds that we caught today, I also caught a few Frogs and Toads that were passing through the long wet grass (It is a Toad that is in my hand below).

I  hope you like the picture because we just had the small digital camera with us. (My blog is one year old tomorrow and I will be writing a blog about that).


  1. the young robin is adorable! sorry about the hayfever. hope the goggles will help you.

  2. I like the toad, we have a lot around our way at the moment, shame about that canal people just have no respect, hope your eye gets better soon