Monday, 17 February 2014

Trail Cam's First Night Out

Since it's just been my birthday, I got a few nice presents, one of my favorites was my full HD trap camera I used as soon as I could and boy did I get some perfect footage.  I was surprised I didn't capture any footage of cats, but it was all  foxes.

On the first night of trying it I thought there were two different foxes but I'm not quite sure so it would be good if I could have some help.

This is the first one......

This is the second one... quite a bit larger I think and as Georgia Locock pointed out it seems to have a black mark on the side of it's neck.

I tried it again last night, and again got some great footage, this time the same fox visiting the field the whole night, first appearing at 11pm and it's last visit was at about 5am.

I can't wait to do it set the camera trap again, but off to Grandma's now for half term and to hopefully get some Great Grey Shrike news for my next blog post.

I hope you all have a great week.


  1. Some great footage, I was windering in the last video if there was something else in the field with the fox, perhaps anothe fox as it kept looking around.
    have a great time at your grandma's

  2. you will get hours of fun with this Findlay, great work.


  3. That's a great start with the new camera trap Findlay, I can see some wonderful footage coming in the future...[;o)

  4. I'm impressed and what an excellent start to your filming wildlife career with this exciting footage of the Fox. I'm really going to have to consider one of these Findlay.

  5. HI Finlay That is wonderful fox footage, In the second video, the fox does have a black mark on its left side (neck), Have a great time with your Granpa

  6. Brilliant footage Findlay, well done!

  7. wow! really awesome to see them! congrats on the trail cam!

  8. That's a great bit of kit you've got there Findlay! Wonderful footage!

    I reckon the second one is a different fox, not just because of the black mark on the neck but the first one seems to have a paler tail with a darker tip, whereas the second one's tail looks darker and more lush.

    Have a great time at Grandma's!