Thursday, 13 February 2014

Turning 12 Today

This is just a quick birthday post before I eat my way through a special tea.  

Yesterday, the last bird I saw as an 11 year old was a beautiful little Blue Tit getting blown about in the storm. 

This morning, the first birds I saw were a group of Magpies screeching to me from our Hawthorn tree. And then my 10,000 Starlings did their morning fly by which was as amazing as ever to watch. I am sure they made a 12 shape murmuration for me.

I have had some amazing presents. My best friend Sam has adopted a hedgehog for me and I got the BTO Field Guide to Monitoring Nests and a new camera trap for the garden. It's a good job it wasn't my birthday yesterday as I don't think I would have got chance to blow my candles out!

Amazing day. We are going to do a walk with everyone again soon, but when the weather gets a bit better and things dry up a bit. I hope you are all okay after all the storms.

From Findlay


  1. That's such a nice little blog mate.
    Happy Birthday.

  2. Glad you had a good day Findlay...[;o)

  3. Happy birthday Finn - hope the birthday tea is different, tasty and plentiful. Enjoy being 12 it's the terrible teens next!



  4. Happy Birthday Findlay, stay safe in this horrible weather

    1. I have eaten your winning piece of cake to keep it safe :)

  5. The weather has not kept me away but I have not had time to do any birding sadly, hopefully this upcoming holiday will give an opportunity to go somewhere.

  6. happy 12th to you, findlay! may you always keep your passion for birds and nature!

  7. Happy birthday to you, enjoy what the next year brings you.


  8. Happy Birdday Findlay. Another birthday tea for you next week.
    Plenty of birds calling now the weather is bad. Feeding the badgers
    so that they will be giving us entertainment when you both come to stay.

    Love Grandma.

  9. Happy Birthday Findlay... I hope you have had a wonderful day

  10. "Happy Birthday Findlay " Hope this year will be even more exciting then the things you have experienced in your eleventh year!!
    I have a birthday on this coming Sunday the 16th, when you get to my age they aren't so wonderful hahaha!!


  11. HI Finaly HAPPY BIRTTHDAY. Wow! 12 today. Now you are in your 13th year! I like the Blue Tit shot.

  12. Happy belated birthday, hope it was a good one :)

  13. Happy Birthday!

    I agree about meeting up - a WBW UK branch meeting! I think that the last weekend of the summer holidays would be good - Leighton Moss. Bitterns, Bearded Tits and such like. Get you M or D to drop me an email and we can work out whats possible!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  14. A belated happy birthday.
    All the best Gordon.

  15. Happy birthday Findlay. A bit late, sorry, but had no electric after Wednesdays storm up here in Wales, and now the internet is painfully slow.